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Oil Change And Tire Rotation Coupons - Saving Money And Gaining Knowledge

There are two things you can do for your car that will extend the life of your car and protect it from expensive repairs.  These are routine oil changes and tire rotations.  Faithfully completing these two routine maintenance musts will also make you vehicle safer for you and your precious cargo.  Fortunately, these services can be done quickly and most importantly inexpensively.

Most service centers will offer oil change coupons with a free tire rotation to get you into the shop.  It then becomes their job to up-sell you on a host of additional “preventive maintenance” options.  The truth is that routine oil changes protect your vehicle against excessive wear and tear and tire rotations will extend the life of our tires by thousands of miles, and decrease the chances of a blow out (which at high speed is not fun, trust me).

Look around for printable coupons.  Not only will you save money in the short term, you will be protecting and extending the life of your engine and your tires.

Free coupons, including many printable oil change coupons,  that we have gathered for you can be found by clicking here.

Here is an incomplete list of printable  coupons to get you started (the complete list can be found at the link above)

Firestone Tire Rotation And Oil Change Coupons

NTB Coupons

Just Tires Oil Change Tire Rotation Coupon

How Often Should I Change The Oil In My Car?

Oil Change couponsThe  most common answer to this question is every 3000 miles. This is probably a little outdated.  Today’s engines can easily go longer without new oil.  Most experts are now recommending changing oil every 5000 miles.  You could go longer but why chance it?  Especially with oil change discount coupons, the cost savings are miniscule when you stretch out oil changes any longer.

As important as how often to change you oil is to make certain you change the oil filter when you change the oil.  As car have become lighter, due to fuel efficiency guideline, oil filters have become smaller.  New oil will do very little to benefit your engine if the filter is not letting it reach the engine!

Changing the oil and filter is not only about doing the deed.  It is an opportunity for a trusted technician to check other fluids, look at your brakes and do an overall wellness inspection of your vehicle.  A little preventative maintenance can save big dollars down the road.  So, get your oil changed regularly (just not every 3000 miles) for the health and safety of your vehicle.

Should you choose natural oil or synthetic oil?  Click here to read more about synthetic oil.

How Often Should Perform A Tire Rotation?

Tire Rotation CouponsRotating tires helps preserve balance and handling and evens out tire wear extending the life of your tires.  The recommendations on how often to rotate are similar to oil change recommendations.  This allows you to do both at the same time.  This is the reason many service centers offer an auto oil change coupon and tire rotation coupon as a package.

Tire pressure is another important factor along with rotation.  Click here to read more about the importance of the correct tire pressure.

Taking care of your tires will extend their life, improve your gas mileage and keep you and your passengers safer.  Make sure your give your tires the attention they need when you take your vehicle in for the next oil change.

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Find Brakes Plus Oil Change And Tire Rotation Coupons: We Show You How

Brakes Plus Complete Auto Service is a family owned business with 61 locations.  They have been in business for over 40 years.  They have service centers in Colorado, Arizona, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas and Wyoming.  If you are looking for oil change coupons or tire rotation coupons in any of these areas check out the deals that Brakes Plus is offering.

For oil change and tire rotations they are offering a, oil change for $19.99 which includes a free tire rotation, tire pressure fix and windshield washer fluid top off.

The printable oil change coupon can be found here.

In addition to this great oil change coupon, Brakes Plus is offering the following service specials:

  • $79 front or rear break pads or shoes.
  • Free Engine Code Computer scan and if diagnostics is required the cost is $39 for the first hour of diagnostics as opposed to their regular charge of $79.
  • Buy Two Monroe Shocks or Struts and get two free

All of the coupons above can be found in the same link for the printable oil change coupon.

In addition to the above coupons located at the link provided, Brakes Plus offers discounts on the following services:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Alignment
  • Axles
  • Brakes
  • Belts & Hoses
  • Coolant
  • CV Boots
  • Fuel Injection
  • Oil Changes
  • Power Steering
  • Rotate & Balance
  • Shocks & Struts
  • Transmission Flush
  • Wiper Blades

You can find the deals to the above listed services at the same place where you can sign up to be a preferred customer and save $25 on your next service of $100 or more.  The link to this money saving page is here.


Tires Plus Total Car Care Is Offering $22.99 Oil Change Coupons

Tires plus has a $22.99 oil change coupon available here.  It includes the following services:

  • Check all fluid levels
  • Install a new oil filter
  • Refill up to five quarts of Kendall® GT-1® Synthetic Blend motor oil with Liquid Titanium
  • Lubricate chassis (if inspection deems necessary)

You will notice that it includes 5 quarts of a synthetic blend.  To learn more about synthetic motor oils view our post here.

In addition to oil change coupons, Tires Plus offers the following printable money saving coupons.

  • $99 Brake Service which includes installing break pads or shoes and resurfacing drums or rotors and road testing your vehicle
  • Buy one and get one free wiper blades
  • Purchase 3 Tire Balances, Receive 1 FREE 4 Tire Rotation.
  • Fall Car Care Checkup. Inspection of Over 50 Components of Your Vehicle for $14.99

You can access these printable coupons by visiting this link.  Tires Plus is also offering an interesting deal on Bridgestone tires.  Buy four qualifying Bridgestone tires and get a $70 American Express gift card or a free Wii game system

Do yourself and you car a favor when looking for oil change and tire rotation coupons look at Tires Plus for some innovative money saving coupons.  They also have some great information on their website, including nine tips to save gas.

Midas Oil Change And Tire Rotation Coupons, We Show You How To Find Them

Midas oil change and tire rotation coupons, like many other national chains can be found on your local Midas service center’s website. To locate your money saving coupon, direct your browser to this link.  Here you can enter your zip code and the site will bring up the closest Midas service centers.  On that list you will see a link to “Get Coupons”.  Once you press this link next to your closest Midas service center you will be taken to a page offering coupons valid at that service center.

For example, using the zip code 20854, we find the closest Midas service center in Rockville, Maryland.  They are offering an oil change and tire rotation coupon for $24.99 which includes five quarts of oil, oil filter change, tire rotation, and a visual inspection of brakes, battery, belts fluid levels and hoses.

They are also offering coupons for discounts on other services.  This location is offering $5 off of any service of $50 or greater, $10 off any service of $100 or greater and $20 off any service of $200 or greater.  Services they offer include brake, exhaust, suspension, wheel alignment, belts, hoses bulbs and more.

Next time you are looking for printable oil change and tire rotation coupons, visit the link above for your local money saving deals.

Ford Owners, Check Out These Oil Change And Tire Rotation Coupons And More

With so many quick change service centers around, we often forget that there are deals to be had at your vehicle dealership.  Take Ford Dealerships for example.  By visiting this site, you can find a wide range of printable oil change and tire rotation coupons and more money saving deals at your local dealership.

Currently here are the printable coupons Ford dealerships are honoring:

  • $29.95 for the following service:
    – Oil Change
    – Tire Rotation and Pressure Check
    – Brake Inspection
    – Multi-Point Inspection
    – Fluid Top-Off
    – Battery Test
    – Filter Check
    – Belts and Hoses Check
  • Buy four tires and get up to $80 off.
  • 30 day low price tire guarantee
  • Free brake inspection coupon
  • Free battery check printable coupon
  • $89.95 for a new battery
  • Motorcraft® Complete Brake Service $179.95 or less
    •Brake pads or shoes • Machining rotors or drums • Labor included

All of the above are printable deals that you Ford dealer will honor.  Clicking the link above will bring you to a page where these valuable coupons can be printed.

Don’t overlook your dealer for your next routine maintenance.  Though prices can be a little higher, often the servce atmosphere and warranty is better.

Drive safe and drive long with money saving oil change and tire rotation coupons.

Speedee Oil Change Coupons, We Show You Where To Get Them

If you are looking for Speedee oil change coupons then the place to find them is on the website of your local Speedee Oil Change And Tune Up.

To find your local service center, click on this link.  Speedee Shop Locator.

Once there, click on your state and a list of local locations will appear.  Address, telephone numbers and store hours are visible for each location and there is a link to coupons for each individual location.

For example, the local shop in Roanoke Virginia is offering $5 off a 17 point oil change.  It is a printable oil change coupon.  they are also offering 10% off an Auto Service with a list of available services.

One interesting thing to keep in mind is that different locations may offer different coupons.  For example, currently the Salem Virginia location is offering $3 off a 17 point oil change.  That’s $2 less than Roanoke.  If you live close to two Speedee Oil Change And Tune Up locations, make sure to check both for the best deal.

Does Regular Maintenence Make Your Vehicle More Safe?

By performing regular maintenance and paying attention to some details, you can make your car much safer for you to ride in and for those on the road around you.

One of the most important safety considerations when driving is visibility.  This includes your ability to see and other driver’s ability to see you.

You should routinely check your wiper blades as anyone driving through a summer storm will tell you, bad wiper blades severely cut down on visibility.  You should also make sure your lights are all functioning and that the bulbs are fresh or that the lamp covers are clean.  The better your lights function the better you can see and be seen at night or in poor weather.

Along with visibility, your grip on the road is another important thing to pay close attention to.  We are talking about tires here.  Worn tires slip in wet conditions and reduce the ability of your brakes in even the driest conditions.  Worn tires also are more prone to blow outs at high speeds and in the least, can leave you with a flat to change when you are late for your next job interview.

Finally, a poorly maintained engine can lead to vehicle fires  Changing your oil regularly and having other systems inspected can help prevent catastrophic failures down the road.  Fortunately, many services that help keep your car safe are performed or offered at your routine oil changes and tire rotations.  Do yourself a favor and get your car serviced regularly and save some money along the way with oil change and tire rotation coupons.

Increase gas mileage this Labor Day weekend with these simple tips

As I write this, Labor Day is approaching.  For many, this means road trip ahead!  With gas prices rising, here are a few things you can do to lessen the hit your wallet will take, by maximizing your fuel economy.

Better fuel economy can be accomplished with a mix of steps to take before you drive and things you do while you are actually driving.

In order to prepare your car for better fuel economy, you should look closely at your tires.  Make sure they are properly inflated.  Properly inflated tires can increase fuel economy as much as 3.5 percent.  Also make sure your oil has been changed per your vehicle’s recommended interval.  Clean, properly flowing oil lubricates parts which helps save gas.  Finally, make sure your air filter is clean.  Changing it at your next oil change is a good idea and can save you up to 10 percent on fuel costs.

These are all things that you can and should do at your next oil change and tire rotation.  And to save a little money, look for some oil change and tire rotation coupons before your next service.

More things you can do to save gas, are related to how you actually drive.

Most importantly, don’t speed.  The faster you travel the more gas you use.  Second, watch the throttle.  Gunning the engine wastes gas.  Use steady acceleration rather than trying to go 0-60 in 6.5 seconds.

Don’t drive with the windows down.  Cars are aerodynamic for a reason and open windows create drag which reduced gas mileage.  A more drastic drag on aerodynamics and hence gas mileage, is the rook top carriers we all see on top of filled to the brim Suburbans or minivans.  If you have ever driven with one of these on top of your car, you have likely experienced the extreme gas mileage reduction they cause first hand.

Finally, watch the weigh inside your vehicle.  The heavier the car the more gas it will take to move it.

Using the above tips when driving and making sure your vehicle maintenance and tires are up to date can add up to big savings.  These savings, along with oil change and tire rotation coupons can really make a difference and might just pay for all the fast food you will eat on your way to your destination this Labor Day weekend.


How To Ready Your Car For Winter

Summer is coming to an end.  Where did it go?  It is a fact of life, that the seasons change and so do we.  We trade the shorts and flip flops for boots and sweaters.  One thing many do not think about is readying your car for winter.  While it’s not here yet, now is a good time to plan to winterize your vehicle.

The extreme heat of the summer causes many fluids to break down faster than under optimal conditions.  The fall is a great time to have your not only your fluid levels checked but the overall status of the fluids checked as well.  Fluids to keep a close watch on after the summer heat are transmission fluid, antifreeze and motor oil.

Your tires are another important winter check to make.  Snow is slippery and if summer road trips have worn your treats, think about getting those new tires before the first snow fall.  Believe it or not, tires are not just rubber things your car rides on.  The treads actually help to grip the road.  Worn treads will be especially noticeable in the winter when you are driving with a dusting of snow on the road.

Of course, your anti-freeze and windshield washer fluid should be checked.  We all know what driving with frozen or salt covered windows is like.  One thing you might not think of is your windshield wiper blades.  Even worn blades can do an OK job of clearing water, but add salt to the mix and your windshield can get pretty dirty during winter driving with out properly functioning blades.

Finally, check your battery.  If it is old, say five years or more, consider replacing it.  If it is corroded or dirty, clean it.  Batteries do not function as well in the cold and a corroded or dirty battery will function even less than a clean one.

Fall is a great time to schedule a full service oil and filter change.  Look around for some oil change and tire rotation coupons and save some money ow while saving some headaches down the road this winter.




Four Tips To Make Your Next Oil Change More Green (Environmentally Speaking)

Oil has a bad reputation when it comes to the environment.  Whether it is a major spill or a new pipeline, oil has been featured in the news, in the debates, and one the minds of the environmentally conscious for years.  While the oil that gets the most coverage is not necessarily the oil being put into your car, it may make you feel better to know that you can help the environment with your next oil change and tire rotation service.  Of course you can also save some money by searching out some oil change and tire rotation coupons.

Here are five tips to help you help the environment with your next oil change.

1) Don’t adhere to the every three months or 3000 miles recommendation of most oil change centers, unless, your vehicle manual calls for it.  Most cars are designed to go 5000-10000 miles between oil changes.  Less frequent oil changes cut down on the need for engine oil and the footprint that used oil leaves behind.

2) Consider synthetic oil.  Manufacturers claim better performance and better gas mileage with synthetics.  as we have discussed here on this site, that claim is questionable.  Synthetic oils can help you stretch out the time between oil changes and the manufacturer of those synthetic oils does not put as much stress on the environment.

3)  Use an oil that has 50% recycled oil as an ingredient.  Valvoline makes an oil that contains half recycled oil.  That is half of your oil that is being re-used.  Certainly better for the environment.

4) Dispose of your oil in an environmentally safe manner or if you do not do it yourself, make sure that the service center you choose follows environmentally safe disposal guidelines.

5)  With the money you saved with your oil change and tire rotation coupon, do something good for the environment.  Donate to or support a cause that is environmentally friendly.  Doing this will help offset your carbon footprint.

For good reason, oil and the environment have been at odds.  By following the four tips above, you can do your part to make sure your next oil change is a greener experience.


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Do Fuel Additives Increase Gas Mileage Or Boost Performance?

At your next oil change and tire rotation, you may be queered about the use of fuel additives to increase gas mileage.  Lets face it, with the high price of gas these days, promises of fuel economy savings are very tempting.  So is that sales person trying to save you money or make a sale or both?

Without singling any one manufacturer out, there are and have been many claims that this or that fuel additive can save you money by improving gas mileage.  Sometimes the advertising language is not that straight forward.  One company boasts that by using their additive you can “Save gas by keeping fuel intake system clean”.  To me this is a round about way of saying that their product increases gas mileage.

So, do additives increase fuel mileage and boost performance?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA “has evaluated or tested more than 100 alleged gas-saving devices and has not found any product that significantly improves gas mileage. In fact, some “gas-saving” products may damage a car’s engine or cause substantial increases in exhaust emissions.”

Now, to be fair, the EPA has not tested every product out there, instead it has taken representative products from the different classes of fuel additives and tested those representative products.

The EPA warns consumers to be weary of claims of 15-20 percent gas mileage improvement or claims that this gas saving additive is approved by the Federal Government.  According to the EPA, no government agency gives their seal of approval to fuel additives.

The truth is that you probably can not buy fuel efficiency in a bottle.  If you are using an additive to solve an issue, like engine knocking or difficult starts, then there is probably something wrong with your car that needs attention before it becomes something major.

We all like the idea of boosting performance and saving money by adding something to our vehicles.  Don’t be swayed by the advertising arm of the additive company.  Unless you have a very trusted mechanic tell you that you should add something, or drive under extreme conditions, be very careful what you decide to put in your tank.  At the least do your research, there are many ongoing discussions online regarding the use and safety of fuel additives.



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